Package 1 - Complete

You get a new (holiday) home or you wish a total make-over and every room in your house can be (re) decorated. After our introduction, we’ll make a floor plan and together we make a mood board. Then We get to work. Colours, furniture, light, window decorations, bathroom, kitchen, floors, accessories, the overall style. We come up with plans and advice. Using new and existing furniture. With new and existing materials. With guts and cohesion. Listening to your dreams and with a surprising detail here and there.


Package 2 - Advice & DIY

After an introductory chat on the phone, we’ll visit you. During a two-hour appointment we’ll help you on the spot. You can ask us anything. We’ll advise you on the optimal lay-out, use of colour, floors, lighting, window coverings, styling in every area. We’ll bring samples and fabrics. Then we’ll work out this advice for you in a clear report. We’re happy to help you, so that you can get started yourself.


Package 3 - Mini Make-over

If you have one room or several rooms in your house that you would like to change, we’ll visit you and make a mood board, a furniture plan and a colour plan for the room(s) that you would like to change.  Everyone deserves a home, even when you have a limited budget, please contact us and let us surprise you.


Package 4 - Styling only

Is your house completely ready, but are you still missing something? A colour, the finishing touch?  we look from a different angle and we can always offer you a solution. Often a few adjustments with styling accessories and/or colours will do. It suddenly feels completely at home.


Package 5 - Home staging

You’ll never get a second chance for a first impression. This impression is very important to a potential buyer. When presenting your home, it is very important that the interior in the photo presentation radiates atmosphere and invites you to view it. It doesn’t all have to be perfect. You often create atmosphere with colour, cosiness and warmth. Let us know, we’ll be happy to help you.